Old School / Nieuwe Klas, (ed.) Wim Lambrecht & Nancy Vansieleghem

Auteurs: Erik de Jong, Bert Huyghe, Wim Lambrecht (red.), Jan Masschelein, Karel Vanhaesebrouck, Tom Van Imschoot, Nancy Vansieleghem (red.) en Matt Mullican
The art colleges are subject to profound transformations. Since 1999, higher education in Europe is supposed to reposition itself according to the guidelines of the Bologna Declaration. That these challenges, however, are mainly interpreted from a neo-liberal policy is undeniable. Art colleges increasingly are addressed to operate according to an efficiency-logic that prescribes that education is output-based, controllable and efficient. This publication will not repeat this critic, but collects answers for another future of higher art education in the form of a book. We explicitly choose the medium book from its intrinsic efficacy of taking time to read, but also for its possibility to think and invent new ideas and forms. The basic idea of what is discussed in the book is the question how to think about another future for higher arts-education.

168 p., 13 x 20 cm, paperback
Uitgever: Grafische Cel, LUCA School of Arts
ISBN: 978-90-821-3992-1
Ontwerp: Mathieu Serruys

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